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1/27/2020 – Volunteering with Challenge Air

This past weekend, our very own Ken Stahl was spotted volunteering his time for the folks at Challenge Air, a charity that provides challenged kids the opportunity to see the world from the sky. According to Ken, "It's great to bring a smile to a kid stuck in a wheel chair for life with spina bifida, or an autistic kid just stuck in himself for life." If you would like to find out more about Challenge Air, or donate to their cause, visit their website:

Ken Stahl, Challenge Air service

1/23/2020 – Condolences to Coulson Aviation and Families


Convergent Performance would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the families, friends, and co-workers of the three U.S. firefighters  with Coulson Aviation, who lost their lives fighting the wildfires in Australia today.

1/21/2020 – Ken Stahl Awarded Pilot of the Year!

Congratulations to our own Dr. Ken Stahl for being selected as a Dr. Franklin G. Norris Pilot of the Year Honoree for missions flown in 2019! Ken is part of a network of thousands of pilots who volunteer to make tens of thousands of flights per year to fly patients to life-saving medical appointments they otherwise couldn't afford to make. Congratulations Ken!


12/1/2019 – Fingerprints (Part Two) – Ken Stahl, AOPA Blog

AOPA Blog - Fingerprints - Part Two

“Last month we talked about personal fingerprints of individual error patterns and how we hide our own mistakes deep inside in some pretty sacred places we rarely visit. It’s even more rare that we open up and share this with anyone else. But in order to understand our own error patterns, we have to acknowledge our tendencies, and that is the first step to develop safer attitudes and behaviors. “

In this follow up article for the AOPA Blog, Dr. Ken Stahl discusses some surefire ways to ensure that we’re making the most of our mistakes, from big to small, by examining them and tracking them from discovery to elimination.  Follow the link below to read the full article on AOPA’s site:

11/11/2019 - Tony and Chris at Bombardier Safety Standdown 2019

Bombardier Safety Standdown wouldn’t be the same without Convergent Performance! This year, CEO and CLO Tony Kern opened the conference with a talk on elevating one’s personal standards beyond what is required by regulatory or organizational guidance.

In addition, Founding Partner Chris Lutat delivered a presentation on his signature topic: automation, discussing the advances on the flight deck and the fundamental ways flying is continuing to change.

For more information on Bombardier Safety Standdown, visit their website:

Tony's presentation starts around 37:25:

Tony Kern presenting at Bombardier Safey Standdown 2019

Chris' presentation begins around 52:32:

11/1/2019 – Fingerprints (Part One) - Ken Stahl, AOPA Blog

Fingerprints - Part One - AOPA Blog

“Growing up in my house, I always thought it was just my mom who had a thing about dirty hands but not so.”

In his latest article for the AOPA Blog, Dr. Ken Stahl reveals that the first step to making less mistakes is to identify our own unique error patterns – our “fingerprint of error.” Follow the link below to read the full article on AOPA’s site:

10/22/2019 - Convergent Performance at NBAA-BACE

Convergent Performance was proud to gather together with numerous experts on safety from the business aviation community to be a part of the NBAA National Safety Forum at NBAA-BACE 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


10/6/2019 - Craig Prichard Promoted to Director of Operations

Craig Joins CP

Convergent Performance is proud to welcome Craig Prichard, who joins our full-time staff this week as our new Director of Operations. Many of you may recognize Craig from our training sessions and webinars, where he has instructed for us for several years. We’re very excited to welcome him in his new role!

10/1/2019 - The Startle Reflex: Shaken, not Stirred (Part Two) - Ken Stahl, AOPA Blog

“James ‘007’ Bond insisted on his martinis ‘shaken, not stirred,’ but unfortunately such is not always the case after we get a sudden jolt of surprise. Neuroscientists call this the ‘post-startle period of cognitive dysfunction,’ and last month we detailed the first few seconds after a major scare and what characterizes this ‘post-startle reflex.”

In this article for the AOPA Blog, Dr. Ken Stahl reveals some powerful countermeasures to the phenomenon known as “the startle effect.” Follow the link below to read the full article on AOPA’s site:

Martini Glass AOPA Blog

9/29/2019 – Greg Sundgaard Joins Convergent Performance!

Greg Joins CP

A new Certified Instructor and QA SME has joined the team at Convergent Performance! Please welcome Greg Sundgaard, who comes to us highly recommended as a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard who specializes in ISD. We’re happy to have Greg on our team and can’t wait for you see him in the classroom.

9/26/2019 – Jet Linx Safety Symposium

Tony Speaking - JL Safety Symposium

Jet Linx hosted private aviation industry leaders for a first annual Safety Symposium on September 26, 2019 in Teterboro.

Held in conjunction with the opening of Jet Linx’s new private terminal at Teterboro Airport, the event’s objective was to share, educate, and advance safety efforts in Part 135 operations.

Topics discussed during the event included the enhancement of an effective Safety Management System (SMS), the minimization of safety risk components, and the avoidance of pilot fatigue.

Tony Kern, Chief Learning Officer and established author from Convergent Performance, and Don Chupp, President and CEO of FireSide Partners and former NTSB investigator, shared their insights using industry events as metaphors for key learnings.

Link to more info:

9/1/2019 – The Startle Reflex: Shaken, not Stirred - Ken Stahl, AOPA Blog

“Father Time, along with today’s political correctness, has long ago passed by those old James Bond flicks but there are still a few good lines that cause us to chuckle. James had all the gadgets, guns, women, and danger that could only exist in one of those old movies. He also had a penchant for his martinis, but they had to be “shaken, not stirred.” People get stirred up too when something abrupt and unexpected happens; that’s a normal part of our self-defense against danger. Getting all stirred up and startled isn’t the issue, but getting so shaken that you can’t think clearly to solve the problems confronting you is a big problem.”

In his latest article for the AOPA Blog, Dr. Ken Stahl dives into the startle effect that happens after a bad surprise ruins your day. Follow the link below to read the full article on AOPA’s site:

Startle Reflex AOPA Blog

8/13/2019 – King Air Academy Announces Speaker lineup for 2020 including Ken Stahl

King Air Gathering V

We’re happy to share that King Air has announced their speaker lineup for King Air Gathering V in 2020, and it includes our very own Dr. Ken Stahl! Please visit the link below to review Ken’s qualifications for this event and the other speakers that will also be attending.

8/7/2019 – Doug and Ken Appear on The AOPA PPS Podcast

Dr. Ken Stahl and Convergent President Doug Downey join Gary Crump from AOPA for the Pilot Protection Services podcast. Doug discusses his near disaster in the F-117 and the safety lessons that he learned and which we can each apply to aviation safety in our own lives. To listen to the podcast, visit AOPA’s website using the link below:

AOPA Podcast Logo

8/1/2019 - Me and Robbie (Part Three) - Ken Stahl, AOPA Blog

Robbie and Me 3 - AOPA Blog Image

After leaving things on a bit of a sour note in the last blog with the realization that the more automation improves, the higher risk we are of letting our skill degrade. In this final part of the three-part series, Dr. Stahl offers some solutions to this potential problem of the gap between the aircraft’s automation and the pilot’s stick and rudder skills. For the full article, follow the link below to AOPA’s site:

7/1/2019 - Convergent Performance Welcomes Darryl Dellarossa!

This week, we welcome our new Instructor, Darryl Dellarossa to the company! Darryl comes to us with a background of military aviation and a passion for passing on what he knows in the classroom. We’re excited to discover everything he brings to the table.

Darryl Joins CP

7/1/2019 – Me and Robbie (Part Two) - Ken Stahl, AOPA Blog

Me and Robbie (Part 2)

“The paradoxes in our quest to find the holy grail of flight safety continued last month with our look into cockpit automation. Even tracing this all the way back to the 1930s when Isaac Asimov wrote science fiction stories about ‘Robbie’ the robot that was programmed to help its human developers, we were left with the conflict of our brain trying to get along well with Robbie and integrate our combined talents into the automated systems in the modern airplane cockpit. We established the need to utilize automation to check our own biases but recent events show that unfamiliarity, overreliance, or failures to monitor and supervise the automation can be just as deadly.”

In this month’s installment of Dr. Ken Stahl’s AOPA blog, he peels back the layers of assumptions regarding the inherent safety of automation on the flight deck, adding to his argument on the importance of understanding both sides of the man/machine interface in the cockpit. Follow the link below to read the full article on AOPA’s site:

6/1/2019 – Me and Robbie - Ken Stahl, AOPA Blog

“Now that we’ve spent the last few months talking about how much flight safety depends on precise use of cockpit instruments to keep our inherent bias off the flight deck, we need to address the weakest link in this chain, our own interface with all those instruments.”

In his latest article for the AOPA Blog, Dr. Ken Stahl dives into the relationship between human error and our interface with all of the systems we use on the flight deck. Follow the link below to read the full article on AOPA’s site:

Me and Robbie (Part 1)