MxM: Crafting a Culture of Compliance

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Maintenance Mastery (MxM):

Crafting a Culture of Compliance

About this Course

The Maintenance Mastery (MxM) Crafting a Culture of Compliance Course is a four-module interactive human factors training program that challenges aviation maintenance technicians and managers on compliance as an organizational value and how this value has a large impact on your culture. This course is comprised of four modules that discuss the conditions that lead to noncompliance, how to counteract them and their effects, case studies exploring how this works in an organization, and measures that you can take to make a difference today.

Completing this course meets the FAA's requirements for 4-hours of IA Refresher credit for those interested in the credit. As part of earning the credit, you are expected to follow up completion of the course with a 30-min or longer discussion of the topics raised by the course. This discussion can take place formally with your organization, or informally.

Once finished, your certificate will be available on your user Profile page. Just click the green certificate icon for the course under "Your Courses."

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