MxM Optimal Performance

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MxM Optimal Performance

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The Maintenance Mastery (MxM) Optimal Performance Course is a three-module, accredited, four-hour, and interactive human factors training program that challenges aviation maintenance technicians and managers in individual error reduction, achieving personal performance potential, and short-duration teamwork. The three modules are followed by a capstone group discussion and practical exercise application relevant to the local operation. Your local training manager will coordinate the practical exercise utilizing local data (i.e. safety events, quality escapes, etc.). If group discussions cannot be facilitated for any reason, you are expected to have a conversation with a co-worker(s), colleague(s), or supervisor(s) within three workdays of completing this course. Don't stop there though - develop a habit of improvement by consistently using this knowledge and these skills on and off the job.

The three topics covered are specifically selected and designed to help maintenance professionals face the most challenging and potentially hazardous facets of the demanding and dynamic work environment of aviation maintenance. In order to do so, an understanding of personal error control while tapping into one’s potential and exercising both in the context of short-duration teams within aviation maintenance is just the beginning when applying tools and techniques to counter ill effects.

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