Return to the Pilot’s Seat

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Return to the Pilot's Seat: Going Back Better

About this Course

Aviation professionals from every corner of the industry will soon be returning to their operational jobs in great numbers, and in some cases, more quickly than they left these positions for furlough, reduced schedules, or reassignment to other jobs. Unlike other business cycle interruptions that have come before (like 9/11 or the Great Recession), the job environment after COVID-19 interruption is likely to be a much different place with new rules, restrictions, and even new technologies. No matter what aspect of the industry you work in, but for pilots especially, this return will be different. Our team has gathered and organized many of the most challenging aspects of the “Return” and are providing this knowledge in easy-to-follow lessons that will not just get you back in the game with relative ease, but allow you to keep playing at a higher level than you were before the pandemic.

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