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Since the dawn of computer-based training in the 1980s, online learning has suffered from a disease of “sameness.” Talking heads, cartoon figures, and PowerPoint slides have become the norm.  New technologies fueled by a passion for learner engagement make our programs different. See for yourself what we mean.

Convergent Performance’s training has made a huge impact on JAARS – all of our pilots and aircraft mechanics complete the PRC & MRC courses as part of initial training. The concepts and tools in those courses are part of the foundation of Professionalism and Technical Excellence that aids our safe operations in some of the most inhospitable and challenging locations around the world.

—B.J. Diggins, JAARS Aviation Training Manager

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We provide targeted courseware for individuals or your entire organization. Each online course is a different length, designed to be completed within 1 to 4 hours for the average learner (depending on the specific course). Many additional course resources are provided, offering further insight into the most important learning elements, and something to take with you when the courseware is completed. 

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For discounted group pricing on any of our eLearning courses or video series, please email us via our "contact us" form or call Convergent Performance at 719-481-0530.

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Our eLearning is accessible from nearly any device and provides high-quality online training that is convenient and impactful