21st Century Leadership Academy

Leaders aren’t born—they’re forged by the fires of fate and circumstance.
Or they embark on the journey willingly, with guidance from those who have come before and a strong roadmap for success.

From the line worker to the C-Suites and senior military leadership, develop a lifelong passion for leadership!

Discover the right leaders for the job

Prepare leaders to face any challenge

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Develop a just culture and compliance

Roadmap from strategy to success

Academy Overview


  • Identify, recruit, and select the right leaders for your organization

  • Prepare them for Day 1 with solid guidance and training

  • Prepare first line supervisors – the most important leaders you need to shape a culture of compliance, integrity, and excellence

  • Manage the “Messy Middle” where the strategic vision is far too often lost in translation


  • Live Webinars

  • Classroom Training

  • eLearning

  • Custom Program

The Future is Looking for Leaders – Are You One of Them?

No matter the industry you work in, you are part of an ongoing generational handoff the likes of which has never been seen before. As a member of the workforce in position to receive the baton, the future of your industry will be forever changed by the decisions you make today and the path you choose for yourself moving forward. To further complicate matters, the very nature of work has changed since the global pandemic that began at the end of 2019. As many industries transitioned to remote work and/or blended working models, the nature of leadership and the requirements for leadership changed as well, leaving a murky environment and muddled objectives for this handoff.

As current leadership ages out of the fight, they are looking for people like you to step into their shoes. The first question you need to ask yourself is: “Do I want to follow the path of technical expertise in my field; or do I want to the be the one to help fill the leadership gap in my profession?” The first course in this program will help you make that thoughtful and critical determination and serves as a stand-alone course. But if you determine that leadership is one of your passions and goals, the rest of this program is designed to equip you with the right tools to begin your leadership journey from any point in the leadership ladder and provide you with the necessary tools to become the type of leader that this unique moment in time calls for.

Leadership Development for Prospective, Emerging, and Current Leaders

Leaders aren’t born—they’re forged by the fires of fate and circumstance. Or they embark on the journey willingly, with guidance from those who have come before and a strong roadmap for success. This program is the roadmap, whether you’re a brand-new leader or already higher up the echelon. In-depth course tracks are available for anyone and everyone with a foot in the leadership world:

  • Pre-Leadership: Discover what it means to be a leader and gauge your own personal interest in pursuing a formal leadership track for your professional career.
  • Line Supervisors: Aimed at transforming new leaders into exemplary first-line supervisors and prepare current supervisors for their next career advancement.
  • Managers: Middle managers bridge the gap between senior leadership and front-line teams. Their focus is strategic execution inside the “messy middle.”
  • Directors: Directors oversee entire departments or functions. Their focus is on achieving organizational strategy and long-term vision, while supporting the functional workforce with resources and motivation.
  • Junior Executives: For those on the cusp of senior leadership roles. They need to hone their political, communication, strategic, and interpersonal skills.
  • C-Suite, Board Executives, and Senior Military Leaders: Hold the keys to shaping the organization’s future. Their focus is on governance, strategy, and stakeholder relations.

The essence of leadership is changing. With the massive generational handoff occurring across all industries and organizations, leadership has never been more critical. While a few of the basics remain in place, the post-COVID blended work environment, economic pressures, and a cross-generational workforce create new challenges, requiring new leadership skills and competencies. From the line worker trying to decide whether to seek her first leadership opportunity to the C-Suites—we have developed a comprehensive leadership learning experience to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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