Custom Training Programs

We'll work together to discover exactly what makes your people and culture unique, what specific problems you would like to solve, and which tools and methods we’ll need to make it happen.

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Custom Training Programs

While our programs are developed through years of research and refinement, we know that your people and your organization aren’t identical to any of our other clients. That’s why it’s important for us to talk. When we meet with you, we will discover exactly what makes your people and culture unique, what specific problems you would like to solve, and which tools and methods we’ll need to make it happen.

No one knows your situation better than you do—which is why your input is invaluable. But no one knows human error, human reliability, just culture, and personal and professional improvement like we do.

Our training solutions are customized for you and can incorporate some, many, or all of the following elements:

  • Live training from knowledgeable, passionate, and talented instructors on topics that have been researched and developed by Convergent Performance to target numerous specific behavioral and cultural issues. 

  • Keynote presentations for key stakeholders or the whole organization, to introduce the customized program, update progress, and provide a vision for the future.

  • Live or pre-recorded web-based training can be used if timing or costs prohibit in-person training. Convergent’s skilled instructors and in-house production studio ensure that training quality is not lost when this delivery method is required.

  • Train the Trainer events to familiarize your in-house instructors with the program material and receive in-depth instruction and evaluation on the skills needed to effectively present and teach the program principles and goals.

  • Our most popular training solutions are also available as eLearning, when time, scheduling concerns, and costs prohibit live training. Much of our eLearning meets the safety training requirements from a variety of organizations, including ICAO, IBAC, IS-BAO, FAA, NBAA, and TC.

  • Micro learning can be utilized as a sole training solution, but is even more effective when used as a follow-on to live training and other elements of a customized program.

  • Robust communications strategy that targets behaviors and attitudes that complement and reinforce training and other program elements.

  • Our technical writing team can produce or update any company documentation as part of a customized program, including procedures, operational manuals, checklists, administrative manuals, safety manuals, and more. 

Communications Strategy Examples

Training is never the sole solution for any problem.

A key element of our custom programs is the communications strategy, which keeps the messages and objectives of the training fresh and top of mind after training is complete. Here are some examples of posters and e-readers included in your program.

Sample Blue Threat Proverb Poster

Sample Take 2 eReader

Sample Fit4Duty™ Poster

The customization of our programs even extends to delivery.

While we have our own systems to manage our vast library of content, if you prefer to host the content on your internal company platform, we can do that too. Reach out today to discuss your customized training program!