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Human factors concerns impact every organization, in every industry.

Human reliability is necessary for success at any job, with any organization, and in any industry.

The human element of the equation is often overlooked when it comes to new hire and recurrent training. Teaching someone how to do the job right doesn’t prevent them from doing it wrong, because it fails to account for the myriad of ways that someone can make mistakes.  

We can fill that missing piece for you, no matter your job or industry.

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Maintenance Programs

If your organization requires any sort of maintenance, your maintainers are a vital component to the success, efficiency, and safety of your business.

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Fatigue Risk Management

Fatigue Risk Management Programs

If you work in a high-risk industry, you understand the serious concern surrounding fatigue and its impact on safety and performance.

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Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture Programs

Cultures aren’t built or destroyed overnight, but you know both a truly great and an absolutely awful culture when you see them. How do average cultures become great? How do great cultures stagnate?

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Professionalism Programs

Forget everything you think you know about “professionalism training.” We’re not here to lecture you about unprofessionalism—we’d rather show you the four simple steps it takes to get from where you currently are to competing with the very best.

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Safety Management

Safety Management Programs

Whether you are struggling with some element of safety management, or haven’t yet established a program, our safety management training can help.

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Human Factors

Human Factors Programs

How do you make human factors training palatable to someone unfamiliar with the concept, or tired of the traditional programs? You approach it as a life skill first, and a job skill second.

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Patient Safety

Patient Safety Programs

As a healthcare professional, you know that human error and poor communication can cost lives. At Convergent Performance, we have extensively studied the safety culture and practices of organizations in a variety of industries, including healthcare.

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