Going Pro “Levels Up”

Just as Dr. Tony Kern encouraged professionals to “level up” in the original Going Pro book, he also continued his own progression, and that of the program—resulting in brand-new insights, improvement metrics, and a whole next level of professionalism to work toward!

Program Overview

Topics Covered

  • Beginning With the End in Mind

  • Five Levels of Professionalism

  • Adding the Plus Factor

  • Getting Started on a Lifelong Journey


  • Online

  • Live Webinar

  • Classroom Training

  • Custom Program

Introducing Level V Professionalism and the Plus Factor

In 2011, Dr. Tony Kern revolutionized professionalism training when he published Going Pro: The Deliberate Practice of Professionalism (North Slope Publications, 2011), a personal accountability approach designed to help people “grow where they are, with the resources at hand.”

Almost immediately, this approach was attacked by leadership trainers and systems safety/quality professionals who saw individual approach as a turf invasion into their realms. Although no one could argue the value of a process that grew accountability, responsibility, compliance, and mentorship in high achievers, the fact that it took place outside of their systemic mindsets was too much to embrace.

Because of—and in spite of—this resistance, tens of thousands of professionals around the globe are already climbing the ladder toward Level IV Professionalism after attending our training.

But for true Level IV Professionals, the pursuit of growth and expertise never ends. Dr. Kern has created two new additions that enhance our pursuit of professionalism across every level and through the whole organization.

Level V Professionalism adds the formal executive leader into the professionalism ladder, as well as adding a Plus Factor at all five levels that intentionally ties the individual accountability approach directly into existing system safety and quality functions.

With economic uncertainties forcing organizations to hunker down, it’s more important than ever to emphasize and maximize the value of every single person you have. Even if your team already stresses or even trains professionalism, discover how this new approach levels up everyone in the organization—just when it’s needed the most!

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