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Our eLearning is accessible from nearly any device and provides high-quality online training that is convenient and impactful

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All of our eLearning programs, no matter the specific focus, are designed to provide a baseline understanding of human error, in order to reduce the frequency and minimize the negative outcomes of the most common mistakes that people make.  

We provide targeted courseware for individuals or your entire organization. Each online course is a different length, designed to be completed within 1 to 10 hours for the average learner (depending on the specific course). Many additional course resources are provided, offering further insight into the most important learning elements, and something to take with you when the courseware is completed. 

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Courses for Everyone

Pilot Courses

Aviation Maintenance Courses

FYI: If you’re a pilot or maintainer, our Pilot Reliability Certification (PRC), Maintenance Reliability Certification (MRC), Aviation Maintenance Never Events (AMNE), and Maintenance Mastery (MXM) courses fulfil industry training requirements.

Volume rates available.

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