We are proud to announce our involvement with the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) on their new Safety Manager Certificate Program! 

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Convergent Performance now offers a wide variety of professional services to include training, consulting, and deep culture-shaping programs well beyond the safety realm, with new content and professional development options (live and virtual) for employee engagement, cultural improvement, leadership, professional ethics, customer service, sales professionals, and quality programs. In truth, our proprietary content that focuses on developing the fullest potential of every individual, has always been ideal for filling gaps in traditional training programs in these areas.

We are The Human Reliability Company

What does that mean? When someone is reliable, you know you can count on them. Our programs are a resource to develop consistent, reliable performance—and then improvement to reach your true best. We focus on how individuals can improve with the resources at hand, whether you want to improve personal performance, team effectiveness, or transform an entire organizational culture, we have the right solution for you. 


Optimize Performance

What you do matters. We can help you do it better, both personally and professionally, with life skills that you bring to the job, and job skills that improve the whole organization. 

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Reduce Human Error

No one wakes up in the morning wanting to make mistakes. When you come to know your own error patterns, you reduce the mistakes you make, saving time, money, and even lives. 


Transform Culture

Organizational culture is built from the ground up and the middle out, and we transform it by combining our focus on individuals with robust organization-wide culture improvement efforts. 


Revitalize Training

Most training feels like it was designed in the early 20th century. You won’t find any of that here, as our programs combine the latest research with modern training methods and technology.

Performance Training Solutions for High-Risk Organizations

Whether you’re looking for a performance training solution for yourself, your team, or something to elevate your entire organization, our programs all start with the one thing every industry, every company, and every team has in common—you, a human being, who is doing good (or even great), but could always be doing better 

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Custom Programs

No one knows your situation better than you do—which is why your input is invaluable. But no one knows human error, human reliability, just culture, and personal and professional improvement like we do.

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For many companies, eLearning is the most cost-effective, time-efficient, and high-value method of training. We provide targeted courseware for individuals, your team, or your entire organization.  

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Micro Learning Short Training Programs

Micro Learning

New single-objective videos are available on the most important elements of safety, human error avoidance, professionalism, risk management, flight discipline, fatigue management, and much more.

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"On behalf of the entire team at Textron Corporate Aviation, we are delighted and welcome our partnership with Convergent Performance. Convergent Performance produced several training programs for Textron Corporate Aviation which allowed us to continue to build an effective high-performance team. Convergent Performance assisted in developing our department’s safety culture, and they continue to provide tools to ensure that our department is operating at its best! This is through their continued partnership for short- and long-term planning and continued departmental growth. The follow-up videos and training tools are a constant reminder of the team culture and partnership that we have created, and one that continues to add value and support."

David A. Nigri


“Existing CRM programs do not go to a deep enough level—PRC picks up where CRM leaves off in order to make lasting, positive change. It also provides pilots with a common frame of reference.” 

Michael R. Gallagher

Colonel, USAF (Ret)

“The quality and rigor of Convergent’s Pilot and Maintenance Reliability Programs are impressive and fill the void between traditional training programs and what a pilot or maintainer really need to know to stay safe in this industry.” 

Robert W. Agostino

Aviation Director, Group Holdings Aviation

“The Maintenance Reliability Certification is head and shoulders above any other human factors training that I have participated in. It is the deepest and most thorough research into any of the topics covered. Excellent work.” 

Ben Stevens

Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Marathon Petroleum Company

“A lot is said about safety, but the Global War on Error addresses the root cause of errors and is truly effective because it changes the mindset, it doesn't just preach statistics. It should be taught at police departments, fire departments, and anywhere else where errors cost lives.” 

Lt Col R. D. "Sideshow" Curtis


“The Pilot Reliability Certification needs to be mandatory for all pilots! Everyone from students to pilots nearing retirement can learn something and in the end, simply be better and safer pilots.” 

Tim Gagnon

NetJets Aviation

“Thank you for organizing and providing a world-class training event for us. The day was without fault …and this will flow through to the training sessions I conduct at work.” 

B737 Training Captain

“The Automation Analysis Report… presents a comprehensive review of the current Air Force culture as it relates to automation practices, and clearly identifies areas of strength and areas requiring attention to effect a successful transition to upgraded or new aircraft.” 

Major General J. M. Duval

Commander, 1 Canadian Air Division

“The presentation showed a progressive and practical approach to human factors training and for the first time ever, I walked away from a human factors training seminar with tools to genuinely improve human performance. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting day.” 

Alison Calvert

Training Manager, Human Factors Training Solutions

“I have had many people approach me since saying this was a unique and valuable training experience and they would like to know more. This will become a subject of our coming safety days and certainly makes my job easier as a safety manager and human factors facilitator.” 

Major Steve Chaney

Safety Officer, Army Aviation Training Centre

"TVA has a very diverse fleet, consisting of utility and executive helicopters, a traditional corporate fixed-wing flight ops, and now UAS. In the past, these three groups operated independently, but recently we were tasked with merging these teams. I reached out to Convergent Performance to aid us with the change management process. We kicked off with an on-site training event focused on awareness, teamwork, the Blue Threat, and reaching Level IV Professionalism. Now we’re in the sustainment phase, using webinars and other remote online training methods and follow-on material to solidify a permanent culture change. Thanks to everyone on the Convergent Team for your professionalism and guidance in navigating the change management process."

David Hill

Tennessee Valley Authority

Some of our most popular programs:

Aviation Maintenance Never Events®

The Aviation Maintenance Never Events® program provides training and organizational controls for events that should never, but all too frequently continue to occur in maintenance, at the price of billions in direct costs, indirect costs, and brand reputation.

Fit 4 Duty™

The Fit 4 Duty program is the first holistic fatigue management program to address every critical component of human physiology, including sleep, stress, exercise, nutrition and hydration, and aging. Go beyond merely accounting for sleep and scheduling and finally reach your peak performance.

Centurion Scholastic SMS

The Centurion Scholastic SMS program provides a new approach to protecting students and staff with a new model for risk management specifically designed for educational institutions at all levels. Centurion can help you discover and mitigate safety risks at your school, including playground and athletics injuries, lab accidents, even bullying and violence.

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