Micro Learning

Keep your people out of harm’s way and your operations running smoothly, while saving you both time and money. 

Cultivates Lifestyle of Learning

Short Lessons

Focused on Singular Objectives

Micro Learning

You may have noticed that while every generational shift of training technology presents the opportunity to find new ways of teaching people while keeping them engaged, each generation tends to carry over all of the tired tropes and bad habits of the previous generation. Our approach is different. 

We focus on developing a lifestyle of learning, where learning and improving is a daily habit, a matter of routine, rather than the fire-and-forget quarterly or annual on-the-job training that currently exists.

Here’s why this works so well:

  • Short lessons which accomplish two objectives: saving you time and money by not having to set aside huge chunks of time for training, and serving the way the human mind learns best—in short, easily digestible chunks.

  • Single objective lessons cut through fluff and filler to provide exactly what you need to understand each lesson.  

  • Assessment question at the end of each lesson that ensures the objective has been learned. If the question is answered incorrectly, the participant is returned to a point partway through the video where the objective is emphasized.

  • Our professional production studio ensures that each Micro Learning lesson contains high quality video, images, and sound in one streamlined package.

  • Our lessons cover a wide variety of human factors topics, applicable to any high-risk industry, and a multitude of video styles will keep the learners engaged.

  • Each lesson presents learners with a call to action—a simple step or steps that they can take to improve on the specific lesson objective right now, with the resources they have at hand. 

New single-objective videos are available on the most important elements of safety, human error avoidance, professionalism, risk management, flight discipline, fatigue management, and much more.

Provide your company with the resources you need to keep your people out of harm’s way and your operations running smoothly, while saving you both time and money. 

Get your people excited about training again with Convergent Performance Micro Learning. Get in touch today!