Frequently Asked Questions + Additional Info

Yes! We offer several online maintenance courses that are each accredited for four hours IA refresher credit under 14 CFR part 65.93(a)(4).  This training is also offered as webinars and live in-class training.

Tony’s books are available on Amazon and from North Slope Publications. Chris’ book is available from Amazon.

While most training programs focus on systems solutions, our training places the focus on individual responsibility and creating a just culture. We believe that while industry regulations and organizational policies are an important part of safety, it is ultimately each individual’s responsibility to choose personal improvement, understand their own errors, and remain compliant.

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Yes. In some circumstances, such as flight delays and cancellations, employees make every effort to arrive on time for the scheduled event. In some cases, this might require paying extra for tickets or upgrading to a higher-priced seat.

Due to the nature of our business, our employees are often required to travel to workshops, speaking events, and training courses. Often, these expenses fall under the umbrella of the services contract. As a veteran-owned business, Convergent Performance follows the guidelines for travel under government services contracts. When a contract requires travel, and travel expenses are an included part of the contract, we bill customers for the following:

  1. Mileage and tolls – when an employee must travel by car (whether to the destination location, or to a departure airport such as Denver International Airport), a mileage cost is calculated based on distance driven. Mileage will be billed based upon the current IRS standard mileage rate. Local tolls are also billed to the customer.
  2. Airport and baggage fees – when travelling by air, the cost of airline tickets, airport fees, and baggage fees will be billed to the customer. Employees will fly coach/economy for domestic flights, whenever possible. For international flights over 8 hours, employees may fly business class. This also includes the cost of long-term parking at the departure airport for the employee’s car.
  3. Arrival location transportation – if required, transportation (rental car, taxi, bus, or shuttle expenses) in the arrival city will be billed to the customer. This also includes any incurred expenses for gas, insurance, parking, tolls, baggage handling fees, etc.
  4. Hotel – for trips with overnight stays, the nightly room rate, plus all taxes and fees will be billed to the customer. Any additional expenses for staying at the hotel (additional charge for meals, room service, mini bar, etc.) are the responsibility of the Convergent Performance employee.
  5. Per diem – an employee’s meals and incidental expenses are covered by a set per diem rate which is calculated using the most up-to-date government per diem rates. For first and last days of travel, 75% of the government per diem rate is used. Customer will be invoiced for the appropriate number of days at the government allowed per diem rate for that location.

Every effort will be made by Convergent Performance, on behalf of the customer, to keep travel costs to a minimum by booking early and getting available deals. Hotel costs and per diem are calculated based on government rates, whenever possible (GSA Per Diem Rates). In some unusual circumstances, the GSA rates may not apply.

In the event Convergent Performance, LLC cannot obtain lodging at GSA per diem rates for the applicable locale, Convergent Performance, LLC will bill the client its actual lodging expenses in accordance with FAR 31.205-46(a).

Yes. We reimburse our employees for the mileage to and from their home to the airport. Once we arrive at the destination, we try to use the least expensive method of getting to the venue. Occasionally shuttles, taxis or customer-provided transportation is available. At other times the most efficient way to get to the venue is via a rental car.

Convergent Performance does not accept credit card payments with the exception of a government employee using a government purchase credit card while purchasing from the GSA. 

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