Armored Knight Psychological Strength Building

Psychological strength is the measure of our ability to manage our lives and difficult situations through the power of our mental preparation. It is a preventative and restorative process for creating a sound foundation of mental health. It relies upon cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and spiritual aspects, all synchronized to manage life’s challenges. Don’t get triggered by the term spiritual—there won’t be any sermons in this training, but we will tie the concept of spirituality into the bedrock of psychological strength, which is our purpose, our fundamental reason for living. 

Program Overview

Topics Covered

  • Foundation of Purpose
  • Cognitive, Behavioral, Emotional, and Spiritual Strengths
  • Engagement and Disengagement
  • Apathy, Frustration, and Cynicism
  • Lifestyle of Continuous Readiness
  • Growth and Stability
  • Mindset Improvement
The four elements of psychological strength upon a foundation of purpose

Delivery Modes

  • eLearning
  • Live Webinar
  • Live in Person

Why is Psychological Strength Important Today?

There are many reasons psychological strength is important to us all.

  • The world is experiencing a mental health epidemic. Wherever we look, we see rates of suicide, substance abuse, domestic violence, depression, anxiety disorders, and a host of other metrics all dramatically rising.
  • Professional mental health services are being overwhelmed, forcing many to have to triage the worst cases for care. We all need to develop our psychological strength to deal with this new reality through preventive and restorative capabilities.
  • There are many who need outside help who will never seek it. This is unfortunate, but a fact nonetheless. Often pride, shame, embarrassment, isolation, or culture prevent someone who knows they need help from seeking it. These people would quite literally rather die than seek help with their situation.  This program may be a lifeline to these isolated individuals, as it provides at least some traction for them to begin to deal with their circumstances where they are with the resources at hand, and perhaps along the way guide them to the realization they can reach out for help.
  • But beyond this preventative perspective, psychological strength helps us live more productive, happy lives even during the best of times by giving us the confidence and courage to try new things and take on new challenges.  It can be a tremendous competitive advantage in a world that has become far too timid as many have yet to come out from a "shelter in place" mindset.

Three-Course Program

  1. Becoming an Armored Knight – Preventative and restorative psychological strength building across five specific areas: Purpose, Cognitive Strength, Behavioral Strength, Emotional Strength, and Spiritual Strength.
  2. Slaying the Three-Headed Dragon – Identifies and confronts the threat of psychological disengagement caused by apathy, frustration, and cynicism - the Three-Headed Dragon who stalks the unsuspecting, leading to isolation in life and disengagement at work.
  3. Fighting the Infinite Battle – Builds the positive and proactive lifestyle of continuous readiness, personal growth, mental power, and stability through a mindset-driven code for living.

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