Accountable Executive
Coaching Sessions

The Accountable Executive (AE) in aviation doesn’t always—or even often—have the background in aviation to fully understand the position’s roles, responsibilities, and liabilities. As the old saying goes:

“There was a lot they didn’t tell me when I agreed to take this job.”

Program Overview

Topics Covered

  • Responsibilities of the AE

  • Liability concerns

  • Best practices and resources

  • Shaping a positive safety culture

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Aviation is filled with highly trained professionals who work inside a unique culture and speak a distinctive language filled with acronyms and jargon. At the top of many of these programs on the organizational chart, sits an Accountable Executive (AE), who may or may not have any aviation background and who may find it difficult to understand and communicate with the tight-knit aviation community whom they are responsible for. Unfortunately, this often leads to misunderstandings and unnecessary communications challenges that impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire operation.

Dr. Tony Kern has been an Accountable Executive and knows the challenges of geographic and cultural isolation from line pilots, maintainers, and support personnel. In this engaging and informative one-on-one 90-minute virtual session, he candidly explains the challenges and legal responsibilities of the AE, serious liability concerns, how to prepare for the unexpected and deal with difficult personnel issues, best practices of successful AEs, and their critical role in shaping a positive safety culture. The program includes a Quick Reference Guide of key points and eight two-minute refresher content micro videos.

Additional coaching sessions may be purchased after the initial meeting, or as required by Accountable Executives as they encounter inevitable new challenges throughout their career.


't be out on a limb for your organization – understand your liabilities.1

Don’t find yourself out on a limb without the organization. Understand your liabilities!

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