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Deliberate Practice is concentrated and focused practice “during the work” with a clear intent to learn and improve from every experience, every day. 

Program Overview

Topics Covered

  1. Comprehend the science that makes Deliberate Practice work
  2. Understand how to apply the five basic steps of Deliberate Practice
  3. Apply new information to immediately begin a “lifestyle of continuous improvement”
  4. Learn how to solidify and sustain new capabilities

Delivery Modes

  • eLearning Course

Personal success with Deliberate Practice starts with this fundamental understanding: that performance outcomes are not binary—succeed or fail, win or lose. Rather, there are degrees of performance up and down a scale that is unique to every individual. This means that at its core, Deliberate Practice is the intentional act of competing against your previous best—not against any benchmark set by your peers or anyone else certainly not against minimum standards established to merely clear safety or performance hurdles of the lowest levels. But if we measure, track, and focus on our personal performance during future operations and every task we wish to improve at, we can have fewer days when our performance is sluggish and embarrassing, and many more days when we’re hitting every single bullseye with arrows to spare.  

The eLearning Package:

This Deliberate Practice eLearning Package has emerged as a new way of focusing attention “inside the routine” to consistently improve with every experience. In this video course, Dr. Tony Kern teaches the steps and requirements to embed this into your daily operations. This eLearning is the “gift that keeps giving,” allowing individuals to select and perfect skill areas and achieve mastery levels of performance. While relatively simple, the process is not intuitive—Deliberate Practice requires training and a disciplined approach to achieve results. Starting from wherever you are, you can use Deliberate Practice tools and techniques to track and address minor deviations through repeated practice, eventually growing from novice to master craftsman in the process.

This eLearning package is 100% digitally delivered in a eLearning course.

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