Human Factors

How do you make human factors training palatable to someone unfamiliar with the concept, or tired of the traditional programs? You approach it as a life skill first, and a job skill second. 

Program Overview

Topics Covered

  • Blue Threat

  • 21st Century CRM Recurrent


  • Live Webinar

  • Classroom Training

  • Custom Program

Human Factors

Our deep research, knowledge, and experience in the field of human factors underpin every program that we create. This topic is of particular importance to us, because nearly everyone has lost someone or knows someone who has been impacted by a human error accident. This is personal to us, and it’s why we’re here today. We consider the skillset to understand, detect, and counteract human factors issues to be one of the most important to anyone working in a high-risk industry. It’s fundamental. 

And of course it always pays to dive into the fundamentals. Whether your team is new to human factors concepts, or just need a thorough refresher, our human factors program explores many foundational human factors concepts, including Blue Threat, Error Producing Conditions (EPCs), Violation Producing Conditions (VPCs), Hazardous Attitudes, Mental Biases, Group Dynamics Traps, and much more.

Blue Threat

Ready for a hard truth? Most human error is preventable with the right knowledge, strategies, and tools. Our Blue Threat curriculum is the most rigorous and aggressive training program for eliminating avoidable human error in all settings. The essence of this program is an understanding of human error control and mental and physical performance. It advocates and empowers a new discipline of thought and action, making errors more predictable and therefore, preventable. These are life skills that also improve your work performance. This courseware is available as live training, eLearning, and can be part of any custom program. 

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