Whether you are a recognized formal leader in your organization, or someone who leads informally just by being yourself, what you do is so important.

Teams function best when each individual knows how to overcome adversity, manage conflict, and grow together.

Precision Communication

Dynamic Listening

Career Anchors Analysis

Team Professional Development

Program Overview

Lessons Learned

  • Personalizing success

  • Synergizing with the team

  • Solving daily conflict

  • Thinking strategically

  • Building communication and resiliency



  • Live Webinar

  • Classroom Training

  • Custom Program

Performance EvolutionTM

Performance Evolution is our flagship leadership and team-building curriculum, developed for both corporate and public service teams.

This program includes all of the following objectives and materials:

  • Personal development plan for each individual, including career anchor assessment, communication style analysis, and quick-start guide for improving through the six domains of professionalism

  • Communication for individuals, peers, and teams, leadership and followership, feedback and coaching, assertiveness, message, and tone

  • Team skills, lateral thinking, understanding the work rhythms of individuals and the team, appreciative inquiry techniques, and team building

  • Conflict resolution, using conflict to avoid groupthink, preventing micro-aggressions and bullying, and resolutions by compromise

  • Scenario-based exercises on strategic thinking, upholding personal and organizational values, and strategic and team objective planning

  • Crisis management for leaders and for the whole team, tools and techniques, and confidence building

Leadership—both formal and informal—is critical to effective teamwork. But it is only one piece of the team success puzzle. By combining all of these elements, the team and each of its members learn when to lead and when to follow by lifting their own game, overcoming adversity, managing conflict, growing as individuals, and harmonizing as teammates.

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