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Re-Redefining Airmanship – A 21st Century Update of the Core Attributes of Professional Airmanship

A display banner for the 25th anniversary webinar of the book Flight Discipline, by Dr. Tony Kern.

Flight Discipline – Now More Than Ever

Event Dates: September 13 or 27 at 11EST

In this engaging and entertaining presentation, Dr. Kern will describe why he conducted the research, how he developed the model, and what has – and hasn’t changed since the original publication. He will illuminate the foundations (discipline, skill, proficiency), pillars of knowledge (self, aircraft, team, environment, risk, mission) and capstones (situational awareness and judgment) that make up the Airmanship Model. Contemporary case studies will show how gaps in Airmanship remain – and are perhaps even getting bigger. He will conclude with the Airmanship gaps that each individual must develop on their own to stay safe and effective.

This webinar is two hours in length with time for questions and comments at the end of each.

Event Dates: September 14 or 28 at 11EST

Dr. Kern will make the case that while excessive acts of blatant unprofessionalism have decreased, more subtle lapses of compliance and their acceptance has made 21st-century aviation more vulnerable to flight discipline related incidents and accidents. Supporting his observation that “as the technology gets better, the pilots get weaker,” he will provide case study examples and a pathway back to “doing what we ought to, even when we don’t want to.”

This webinar is two hours in length with time for questions and comments at the end of each.

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