Maintenance Programs

If your organization requires any sort of maintenance, your maintainers are a vital component to the success, efficiency, and safety of your business.

Maintainers keep your operation running smoothly by:

Maintaining Equipment

Alerting you to Issues

Solving Problems

...But systemic issues, training deficiencies, and culture problems can leave your maintenance program scrambling to keep up. Let us help.

Program Overview

Topics Covered

  • Aviation Maintenance Never Events®

  • Maintenance Mastery (MxM)

  • Physiology

  • Risk-Based Thinking

  • Optimal Performance


  • Live Webinar

  • Classroom Training

  • Custom Program

Beginning with Aviation Maintenance Never Events®

Wrong Person | Wrong Part | Wrong Fluid | Lost Tool or Item | Improper Movement | Unsecured Panels | Improper/Incomplete Inspection

Our mission to make the biggest possible impact on aviation maintenance began with these seven specific events, which are the root of a vast majority of maintenance-related incidents and accidents in aviation. They represent the greatest hazard to technicians, organizations, and customers, cause delays and rework, and cost more than $40 billion annually worldwide.

The Aviation Maintenance Never Events® program was designed to focus on the causes and cures for these totally preventable incidents. This training is available as part of a custom program (recommended), live training or via live webinars. No matter the delivery method you choose, this program is focused on getting your maintainers the information they need to prevent the seven Never Events and apply these tools immediately in the highly dynamic and challenging aviation maintenance work environment.

The simplicity of the Never Events concept and methodology is perfect for any industry where machine maintenance is vital, not just aviation.

Prevent Rework with Maintenance Mastery

Maintenance Mastery is Convergent Performance’s strategy to provide all maintainers with the comprehensive human factors skillset, knowledge, and training required to reduce errors, increase communication and productivity, prevent injuries, and save lives.

In addition to these benefits, the following courseware is accredited for four hours each of IA refresher credit under 14 CFR part 65.93(a)(4):

  • Aviation Maintenance Never Events®

  • Respect the Blue Threat

  • Risk-Based Thinking

  • Maintenance Physiology

  • Optimal Performance

  • Twelve Angry Factors

  • Modern Maintenance Communications

  • Crafting a Culture of Compliance

Find out what Aviation Maintenance Never Events is all about by watching this short video:

Contact us to find out how we can customize this program for you. 

“The Maintenance Reliability Certification is head and shoulders above any other human factors training that I have participated in. It is the deepest and most thorough research into any of the topics covered. Excellent work.”

Ben Stevens
Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Marathon Petroleum Company