Becoming an Armored Knight

Becoming an Armored Knight


“Psychological strength is the measure of our ability to manage situations through the power of our mental preparation. It involves cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and spiritual aspects, all acting in concert to address the challenges we face. These elements all rest on a bedrock of purpose, our fundamental reason for living.

—Dr. Tony Kern, program creator

Becoming an Armored Knight – Preventative and restorative psychological strength building across five specific areas: Purpose, Cognitive Strength, Behavioral Strength, Emotional Strength, and Spiritual Strength.



This powerful introduction to building your psychological strength is conceived around the journey of a knight—you—as we explore the criticality of possessing a personal purpose you believe in, and how to use that purpose as the foundation for building your Cognitive, Behavioral, Emotional, and Spiritual Strengths which together comprise your overall psychological strength.

This course will take approximately four hours to complete and participants all receive a digital 30-page downloadable self-discovery guide with included reference materials.

A note for HR and mental health professionals. This program is not designed to replace any existing mental health approaches or employee assistance programs, but is intentionally designed to complement them.


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