Automation Airmanship

Automation Airmanship


The best pilots throughout the 20th century understood that airmanship is the most fundamental and important skill a pilot must possess. Airmanship extends beyond a pilot’s technical skills to a deep understanding and awareness of their aircraft, their flying environment, and their own capabilities. In the 21st century, aircraft are more complex and automated than ever before, requiring a new kind of airmanship for pilots to operate effectively at the highest levels.

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Activate your potential with the 9 principles of Automation Airmanship!

As aircraft have advanced throughout the previous century, so has airmanship. With the new technology available in cockpits today, a new form of airmanship is desperately needed—one which supplements the pilot’s technical skills with a deep knowledge of their aircraft, its automated systems, and the underlying logic which dictates split-second decisions made by the computer. Aircraft have grown vastly more complex than the Wright Brothers could ever have imagined—but in the same passion for discovery that they possessed; we all must become the pilots of tomorrow with all of the skills that will require.


  • Introduce the 9 Principles of Automation Airmanship and the “index of expertise” that is used as a yardstick by which you can measure your own performance.
  • Discover how to utilize each of the 9 principles in your own flying environment to improve your expertise and precision.
  • Challenge every pilot to move up through the levels of airmanship to achieve a detailed technical understanding of automated systems and the underlying architecture, flawlessly apply systems knowledge and procedures, and actively seek to improve knowledge of the autoflight systems and the “wetware” to expand safety margins.


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