High Impact First Line Supervisor Training

High Impact First Line Supervisor Training


First Line Supervisors are the MOST important leaders in any organization. Unfortunately, they are also the LEAST prepared. The goal of this short training module is to provide you some fundamental skills, information, and tips that increase your impact and help you avoid the pitfalls, bruises, and scars suffered by many of us who have come before you.  It is written for both the new Supervisor as well as those who have been around for a while but are ready to ramp up their game.



Program Contents

Whether you’re a new supervisor or an old hat, there is something for you here. From role modeling your leadership skills to managing meetings this course covers a broad range of critical leadership skills—think of it as a “leader’s survival kit.” Other topics covered in the course include:

  • Addressing entrenched cultural challenges.
  • Discovering different leadership styles and appropriate uses for each.
  • Goal-setting—for yourself, your employees, and your team.
  • Nine fundamentals of leadership.
  • Communicating as a boss, including handling bad news.
  • And more!

This exciting and fast-paced course also includes built-in knowledge checks to enhance absorption of the material, as well as a final quiz.

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  • Understand the criticality and responsibility of your role as supervisor/leader.
  • Discover or grow your authentic leadership style.
  • Learn how to use team goals effectively.
  • Embrace the nine fundamentals of leadership.
  • Review communication strategies and skills.
  • Manage your time and lead day-to-day activities with precision and exuberance.
  • Learn to develop your team and yourself.



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