Intro to the Aviation Maintenance Never Events®

Intro to the Aviation Maintenance Never Events®


This introduction to the industry-changing Aviation Maintenance Never Events® program covers the seven Never Events, common causes, contributing factors, and countermeasures. Learners are equipped with immediate practical applications like eliminating the Never Events using Four Tools, and the Take 5 Briefings that focus attention and get everyone on the same page before a task, pause and rebrief prior to any critical step, and debrief afterward to capture improvement opportunities and lessons learned.


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This one-of-a-kind Aviation Maintenance Never Events® training was created by maintainers, for maintainers. Researchers and human factors experts determined the seven costliest and most common reasons for injuries, damage, and loss of airworthiness within aviation maintenance. This course tackles these seven Never Events, what commonly causes them, countermeasures, and the Four Tools we can use to stop them. Three compact but powerful briefings get everyone on the same page prior to starting a task, pause the action and rebrief for situational awareness prior to dangerous or critical steps, and cover any opportunities for improvement with a post-task debrief. Additionally, since the launch of the program, over 30,000 maintainers have provided their techniques, tips, and strategies to bring you what is the most comprehensive and valuable human factors training for aviation maintainers. Training includes the following contents:

  • Introduction and Major Concepts. This module briefly introduces the seven Never Events before covering foundational human factors material, the Take 5 briefings, and the Four Tools we use to stop Never Events: Competence, Compliance, Awareness, and Teamwork.
  • Wrong Person – The One Never Event that Can Cause All the Rest. Aviation maintainers are well-trained and good at our jobs, but sometimes mistakes still happen. When someone isn’t qualified or doesn’t have the correct training, understanding of the task, or current physical/mental fitness to take on the job, airworthiness is compromised. Learn to recognize these conditions and stop them, because even we can sometimes become the wrong person.
  • Wrong Part – The Quest for Perfection. This Never Event describes many of the problems caused by installing the wrong part or installing the right part incorrectly. Discover how to ensure that you and your team never fall prey to this Never Event again.
  • Wrong Fluid – Can Contaminate Entire Systems. Avoiding this Never Event involves much more than just choosing the right fluid. Learn how to keep your systems clean and operational, and how your fluid inventory and control systems are just as important as the way you apply grease to a piston.
  • Improper Movement – The Most Costly and Avoidable Never Event. Aircraft movement operations are rarely accomplished solo, so the countermeasures for this Never Event involve effective communications enabled by the Take 5 briefings.
  • Unsecured Panel – The Most Embarrassing Never Event. Sometimes we fail at even the most basic of our tasks—putting things back together correctly and making sure everything’s secured. Learn how to close up with diligence and never be embarrassed by an Unsecured Panel.
  • Lost Tool or Item – Feeding or Defeating the FOD Monster. Sometimes, the greatest danger to airworthiness comes from something we bring onto the airplane, take off the airplane, or create during the job. How much effort it takes to prevent FOD depends on a little preparation that pays off in big ways.
  • Improper or Incomplete Inspection – The Last Chance to Get it Right. Authorized Inspectors are given a sacred trust as the final step that assures airworthiness. Learn the best ways to be a diligent inspector who misses nothing.
  • Conclusion. A few final thoughts, suggestions, and resources from Convergent Performance.


  • Understand how the program can make a critical difference where you work.
  • Begin using the Take 5 Briefing Tool to enhance and shorten your briefs, while providing more critical safety information.
  • Learn the Four Skills + 1 that help us play one-on-one defense versus the Never Events—competence, compliance, awareness, and teamwork, all laid on a foundation of documentation (+1).
  • Identify the conditions that lead to Never Events and countermeasures to stop incidents before they develop.
  • Earn four hours of credit for Human Factors training and IA Refresher training from the FAA under 14 CFR Part 65.93(a)(4). FAA course acceptance number C-IND-IM-140923-K-006-001.


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