Maintenance Risk-Based Thinking

Maintenance Risk-Based Thinking


This course teaches critical lessons on time pressure, time management, identifying hazardous attitudes, and how risk management applies directly to the aviation maintenance technician’s operational environment and tasks.


Program Contents

This course challenges aviation maintenance technicians and managers to make more effective risk-based decisions on every task, every job, and every shift, covering the following major topics:

  • Time Pressure in Aviation Maintenance – Time pressure can turn the dial from “ops normal” to “call the cavalry” in an instant. Learn how time pressure can vary based on the person and the situation, how it rewires your brain, and the physiological discomfort it causes. Finally, ensure you always have enough time with effective planning and proven countermeasures to time pressure.
  • Identifying and Eliminating “Hazardous Attitudes” – These are biased attitudes that color our behavior, but only if we remain ignorant of them. Learn how to identify each of the Ten Majorly Problematic Hazardous Attitudes—as well as the most effective ways to counter and eliminate each one to maintain clear thinking.
  • Risk Management 101 – “Risk management” may sound like the domain of stats dorks but we all practice a partially developed form of it as we go about our lives. Discover a new way to think of managing risk, how to evaluate risk based on the likelihood of problems versus the severity of the consequences, how to spot latent threats before they turn active, and more.


  • Learn how to prevent time pressure from becoming a factor and techniques to give yourself more time if you do get into a crunch.
  • Identify hazardous attitudes in yourself and others. Counter hazardous attitudes using researched and proven tools.
  • Find ways to improve your personal and professional risk management skills to safely navigate the numerous risks we all encounter every day.
  • Earn four hours of credit for Human Factors training and IA Refresher training from the FAA under 14 CFR Part 65.93(a)(4). FAA course acceptance number C-IND-IM-190131-K-012-003.


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