This training uses a deep content, low overhead model that leverages the unique individual aspects of physiological readiness. It’s perfect for any individual, team, or organization concerned with fighting fatigue through personal accountability, and was designed to be a holistic solution to the problem of physiological readiness, going deeper than most other programs that just talk about getting more sleep.



This course is a deep dive into the unique physiological readiness aspects of aviation operational environments. The eLearning training component compliments your existing Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) solution by including equal weight on personal accountability and systems reliability that will allow you to customize your fatigue mitigation.

Fit4Duty™ is a holistic physiological readiness training that goes deeper than most other programs that just talk about getting more sleep, by including discussions about nutrition and hydration, stress, the effects of aging, and exercise. It’s fully web-based—with embedded videos taught by our expert instructors and accompanying handout—allowing you to train at your own convenience.

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Fatigue is created by a complex combination of stresses on our body and mind. By taking a holistic approach we can counter fatigue with a complex combo of our own:

  • Sleep - the start and end of most fatigue courses, we cover sleep in a deeper way, tying sleep into all the other elements of the program in a way that none of the others even attempt.
  • Nutrition and Hydration – keeping our bodies and minds sharp requires putting in the right fuel—and avoiding the bad stuff. We walk through the body’s response to various nutrition types and sources, as well as “boosters” like caffeine.
  • Aging – we all get old, but we can do it better using our diets and exercise, getting enough sleep, and other vital activities like stretching.
  • Exercise – not everyone loves to exercise, but especially if fatigue is a problem in your life, just a few hours of moderate exercise per week can really help. We go over various ways to ensure you find the time and energy to prioritize this important component of the program that ties everything together.


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